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Certification as a Project Management Professional - PMP®

What is this all about?

A PMP Certificate provides evidence that the owner has profound and comprehensive knowledge about international project management methods and processes,  along with a long-term practical experience in the field of project management.

The PMP Certificate is verified and awarded by Project Management Institute - PMI . Re-Certification on a regular basis (every 3 years) is mandatory for any PMP. which is supposed to ensure permanent further education and information regarding up-to-date methods and development in the field of project management..

The central framework of this project management philosopy is mapped in a matrix of PM-Knowledge Areas and Project Phases, in which intersections the assigned project management processes are integrated..

To provide further deatails in this article would be a little beyond it's scope. So see the  links below this article for further information.

Details are also documented in the Project Management Body Of Knowledge - PMBOK®  (PMBOK Guide), which kind of represents the "Bible" of  PMI and which is actualised and adapted on a regular basis.

Our conclusion: The PMP Certificate does not necessarily make the perfect project manager. That's for sure. But: You can bank on it: A PMP has the proper tools and a comprehensive knowlegde in the field of project management. A "well organized project manager" will have to have himself measured by the fact, to which scope and by which success he will be able to bring his knowledge and experience to life within the project. 

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